Pu Luong offers you a great amount of different beautiful sights. All attainable by car or stunning treks.

Hidden villages and everyday life

Beyond Hieu and Kho Muong hamlets lay more than 20 additional Muong and Thai traditional villages nestled in hidden corners across the Pu Luong valleys. Discover the rhythms of everyday life, interact with local villagers, learn about local customs and witness colourful festivals and celebrations as one of the few “outsiders” that locals encounter.

Every Thursday and Sunday mornings, join villagers from near and far at the eclectic Pho Doan farmer’s market and discover exotic produce grown in the area. Or simply visit a home where the villagers can show you how they live and traditional ways of work, like for example weaving.


Rivers and Water wheels

Nua and Cham rivers are two scenic waterways that cut through the Pu Luong valleys. These abundant water sources feed the extensive rice fields as well as provide a local place for washing, cleaning and watch women along the shore to graze their cows.

Visiting the river, you can spot locals fishing with traditional weaved fish baskets or with fishing nets dropped from their bamboo rafts.

Most distinct in this region are the beautiful bamboo water wheels that dot the riverside. Only in Pu Luong will you see such an abundance of these centuries-old water supplying devices in active use, feeding rice fields and local households with their ingeniously simple design.

Pu Luong Peak

Rising up behind Pu Luong Retreat is the region’s highest peak at 1700m above sea level. A 10km trek leads up to a stunning clearing giving views across the whole Pu Luong Nature Reserve on a clear day. A further ascent through thick tropical forest leads you to the very top where keen eyes can spot discarded building stones left by the French who had planned to build an airport base on the peak, before being forced to abandon their plans following their defeat at Dien Bien Phu. With the peak conquered, you can descend via a different route that leads back to magnificent rice terrace valleys below.

Kho Muong Hamlet

Only 10km from Pu Luong Retreat, and accessible by car/motorbike or a scenic trek, lies pretty Kho Muong hamlet, at the base of a steep valley. Its remote nature means you can still witness life has it has been over the centuries, revolving around rice fields, vegetable gardens and livestock. A short walk through the hamlet and the rice fields, where you can witness how the people of Kho Muong work in the rice fields, takes you to Hang Doi Cave. This massive cave suddenly appears and will leave you speechless for a while. The cave is known for the 5 species of bats that live here in their thousands. The brave can also climb into the cave for an up close view. This walk will amaze you by the greatness of the cave. Try to find rocks who are totally transformed by the water drips coming from the upside of the cave.

Hieu Hamlet and waterfall

Scenic Hieu hamlet sits above a hill of tumbling rice terraces and straddles two gushing waterfalls whose easy-grip limestone rocks allow the adventurous to climb up the falls – a must-try experience! Alternatively, you can simply relax in refreshing natural pools and afterwards enjoy traditional family meal cooked with produce direct from the land – including home-raised chicken and fish and wild leaves and vegetables from the garden. Hieu hamlet is a 20 km transfer by road from Pu Luong retreat, or a 12 km trek through a beautiful valley of rice fields and scenic villages.




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