We are well aware of the negative effects tourism can have. By working in a sustainable way we try very hard to reduce those effects and turn them into positive effects.

The vision of the Retreat tells you a lot about why and how this Retreat was build:

Create a harmonious space, balanced with nature and locally sourced products that enables guests to have a deeper connection with the local area.

First of all do we train our staff to be aware of environmental management. We set up a training program, so they learn how to operate in a sustainable way. Besides that we encourage them to recycle products and to separate waste.

We try to use environmentally friendly products. Therefore we only use local ingredients and vegetables from our own gardens in the restaurant. Local handicrafts are sold at the second floor of our common house on stilt to support the local people. The Retreat is built with materials from the local area. From stones collected by the riverside to sustainable bamboo sources from the Pu Luong forest. We utilise the craftsmanship of talented locals who lend their traditional skills to create unique pieces for our retreat (such as fishing-basket-lamp shades from a nearby village and bamboo hammock beds from Mai Chau).

In addition, we use special filters in every water tap to reduce water consumption. We use cold and clean mountain water for our infinity pool. The water will constantly float into the swimming pool and will float further down into the rice terrace fields, so we will not waste any water. To clean the pool we empty the pool completely by letting the water float into the rice terrace fields once a week. In this way we avoid the need to use chlorine or other chemicals.

To ensure the air quality we have offer our guests a special smoking area. At all other places at the Retreat, people are not allowed to smoke. This way we maintain the clean air in the area and reduce the change of fire.


Moreover, we also employed local builders, carpenters, craftsmen and other workers, including 2 family members of the original land owner. The key-staff is mainly from Mai Chau, other staff is all local. Activities are organized in cooperation with locals. Besides that we promote the local culture. All this to support and make the locals benefit from the presence of our Retreat.

Out of respect for the area and local community we kindly ask our guests to keep the noise down and avoid yelling and screaming. After 9pm. people are not allowed to make loud noise around the bungalows and house on stilt.





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