Highlights in the reserve

Pu Luong offers you a great amount of different beautiful sights. All attainable by car or stunning treks. Hidden villages and everyday life Beyond Hieu and Kho Muong hamlets lay more than 20 additional Muong […]


With the renovation and building of new roads, Pu Luong is easily reached overland. The shortest way is 160 km and a 4 hour drive from Hanoi. This road takes you up to high undiscovered […]


Pu Luong has good connections with various well-known destinations. Mai Chau town, only 45 km and a 1,5 hour drive from Pu Luong Retreat, is the homeland of the Thai people and likewise the gate […]

The reserve

Pu Luong Region stretches all the way from Mai Châu to Cuc Puong National Park. The region is quite unknown among most tourists, but that does not make it less worth to visit. Pu Luong […]




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